Monday, May 27, 2013

Spotlight - From the Ground

If any of the Friday My Town Shoot Out team is thinking about volunteering to help out with the Spotlight photos, I do encourage you to do so.  It's not something that you do with any right or wrong outcome.  You just choose the photos that you feel best represent the topic.  

This week, as I was visiting all the participants, I found myself getting quite uptight.  Every single person had at least one shot that I felt was perfect for the topic and I was telling myself I couldn't post that many Spotlights, to get my act together and choose just a few.   Then I had to give myself a serious talking to.  There's no point offering to do something if it is going to cause stress on myself.  So I walked away from it and went for a walk.  

As I was walking, one image kept popping into my mind.  One simple image and a few words. Dian's Timpanalley's words - From the ground comes forth flowers, green grass and trees to beautify the earth.  Thanks for the words, Ruth.  And thank you, Ginger, for the image that stayed with me.

And there was one other shot that, for me, somehow, represents our group.  Our ground is in various parts of the world but we all share the same moon, although not everyone can capture it quite like Cheryl did.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

From the Ground

This is going to be interesting 
as there are so many ways this topic can be interpreted.

Sculpture from the ground up. 
Phila, PA

Monday, May 20, 2013


As always there were some wonderful shots which makes choosing one for the spotlight hard.
But the photo and Jarielyn's narrative made the decision for me.

First, I SEE it, then I TOUCH it, then I SMELL it then I TASTE it and then everyone around me can HEAR me say Mmm Mmm good as I devour my sweet treat using all of my senses.

 Jarielyn's all in one 5 senses shot 


Monday, May 13, 2013

FMTSO Spotlight: Graffiti

My guess is you're all glad this week is over. I know I am. For a seemingly innocuous theme, this proved to be a bigger challenge than most of us expected. Graffiti isn't legal anywhere and, in some countries, more stringently punished than in others. For those of us living in towns or small cities, finding any graffiti was difficult. The other challenge was finding a good angle to capture the art. Most of the building art in my little city is tough to photograph because of parked cars and other obstacles.

Most of you posted colorful artwork commissioned by building owners and by cities in different types of parks where kids of all ages gather for fun.

I chose Ann's photo because she managed to capture a shot of more traditional graffiti (commissioned) along with the artists who seem to be having a really good time.

Thank you all for participating this week.

I hope to see more of you participating next week. Five Senses sounds like a much easier theme to shoot. Let's hope it is.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spotlight photos - Machinery

What a great topic that turned out to be.

By the time I'd visited everyone I was struck by the variety of machines exhibited.  From Scriptor Senex's bright and shiny, luxury machines.

to Jama's highly practical machine the like of which can be seen anywhere at any time.

We seemed to favour old machines, those with a history, like Dawn Treader's machine at the Textile Museum in her home town.

and Mad Snapper's wonderful steam train.  Welcome to our shootout, Sandra.  It was a tough job deciding which of your images to use.

And there was one more that captived me.  I think it's a beautiful image but more than that, I can close my eyes and imagine the number of machines that would be hidden in this place.  Thanks to That's the way the cornbread crumbles.

 Have a fun week shooting, Graffiti!