Monday, April 30, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Time

BAGMAN:  I tried to tell you that "Time keeps on slipping into the future" was a Steve Miller Band song and not the Eagles!"

"I'll try to be more careful in the future, " I say. 

But in the meantime, let's turn on the spotlight.  First of all, thanks go to Suzy, whose better-late-than-never post pushed us to 17 posts - tying our previous record for participation. 

And then Butler throws the switch and with a loud electric thunk, the light goes on:

Loredana's town clock
Unless I am mistaken, this is Loredana's first post!
Welcome, Loredana!

By the way, did anybody notice that Loredana's clock in Pleasantville, New York looks exactly like Libby's clock in Loveland, Ohio?

This week, I was really surprised at the variety of creative approaches the Shootout team came up with for what seemed to me to be a very difficult theme.  Of course, we did have our fair share of clocks, including...

Jama's Dali clock

But we also had a great diversity of other approaches...

Libby's fossils illustrated how the Earth, itself, tells time

Pauline showed us how she controls her time
(or tries to..Pauline also found an entire clock museum.)

BAGMAN: "I want to know more about the dueling women on the sixth floor that was scheduled for the 26th!"

Cheryl's Haycutter
(I don't know how she got this photographic affect
but it really evokes a sense of time as much
as the haycutter, itself!)

Dawn's walking circle
(A meditation on time -- of course the kids
run headlong into time while the adults try to be
more appreciative of the moment.)

I also loved the way Queenmother and MizzKay used before and after shots to illustrate time and would have spotted them except that the theme was carried through multiple pictures and their wouldn't have been room for others -- trying to hold to my six picture rule. 

BAGMAN:  "You are a slave to your own rules, Dude.  Rules are meant to be broken!"

BUTLER: "No, they're not!  Rules provide order!"

BAGMAN: "You're boring twit!  You probably do proper place settings for lunch!"

BUTLER:  "And you probably eat with your fingers!"

And I also feel the need to mention Ginger's sunlight measuring time on a cloud and Scriptor's old clock that still makes me feel dizzy trying to figure out the time on it. 

BAGMAN:  "If you're going to waste time blabbering about something, why not just post the pictures!

BUTLER:  "Because there are rules! 

BAGMAN:  "Blah blah blah."

Anyhow, the theme next week is "Public Transportation"  and I can't wait to see what this creative band of visionaries handles it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Time

Time & Clocks
Town Clocks, Passing Time, Time Stands Still

A US Civil War Re enactor
reminds us of the time that has passed since that conflict.

So sorry this is a little late,
I had accidentally set it to auto post for tomorrow instead of today!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Rule of Thirds

Great turnout!  I love to see so many people participating, particularly those who I have not seen for awhile.  By my count, since January when I first started doing this, we have had 30 different people participate -- a little over half of you posted this week. 

Of course it also makes it more of a challenge to choose.

This was really a learning experience for most of us.  Although I did not spot any particular photograph, I really enjoyed spending time on Ginger's site, examining her "before" and "after" exhibition. 

And I was glad to see that Ann managed to post although from her comments, I gathered that she had some problems loading pictures.  I'm not sure I like the new Blogspot format either, but I suppose we'll all adjust.

So, without further adieu and in no particular order, we have:

Scriptor's fencepost

Rebecca's Rooster

Kerry's haunting black and white

JarieLyn's thirdsy statue

Siju's Mangos

And, of course, Mizz Kay's three birds

Next week we will explore Time.  I've already got the song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show stuck in my head:  "Let's do the time warp again..."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 4/20: Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds:
This is a compositional tool that places the subject of the photo 
 in an area of intersecting lines
created by dividing the photo in 3rds horizontally and vertically.

So, how did we do?
How do you like the results of your photos 
taken by applying this rule?

And then, I guess this week we will see 
who lives to break the rules.  

And if you didn't take the pole in the sidebar, 
please take a moment to do so!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Historical

Bagman and Butler make me laugh when I walk in the studio to do this week's Spotlight Photographs on the historical theme.  They are both wearing old top hats.  Of course it almost looks appropriate on Butler who always wears a tuxedo except on casual Fridays when he wears a three piece suit. The top hat looks strange on Bagman who, as usual, is in a ratty old bathrobe.  On casual Fridays he claims he wears nothing underneath which is why I usually pre-post my Friday shoots so I can stay out of the studio.

Anyhow, we had 10 posts this week.  For those of you who are statistically minded, Butler informs me that since January we have been averaging 12.438 posts.  We had a low of 7 for "Favorites" and a high of 17 for "Tops".  

This week, not only did we have some great photographs but we also had some great historical comments to go along with them.

Jama's piece on the Fullerton Hotel
included this wonderful night shot.
(Hooray for tripods!)

Pauline's Maori Chief - powerful
(Looks like someone from the NBA)
Don't forget that February 6 is Waitangi Day

Ginger gave us interesting history on the Custom's House

BUTLER: "Wait a minute, Mark!  Don't we have a rule that we only post 6 pictures for the Spotlight?  I count 7 pictures for Ginger alone!

"No," I explain.  "This is only one picture -- a picture I took of my computer screen when Ginger's post was on it.  What I really liked about this post was the collage - the relationship between the different pictures and their tilted angles.   I'm going to claim that a collage, even if it includes several photos, is only one image."

E.G.'s Locamotiver
(I was torn between this and her caboose
with the words "Memory Junction" on it)
But I once had a Lionel train like this...but smaller.

Continuing with historical transportation--
Ann's museum plane.

And I really appreciated Kim's sharing of personal history
(It put a lump in my throat)

Next week we have the theme - "Rule of Thirds."   

BAGMAN:  "I hate rules!"

"Think of them as guidelines," I tell him. 

BAGMAN: "What are they, anyhow."

"I'll probably Google them although I have a pretty good idea what they are.  And I suspect we might get some real good information from Rebecca sometime this week."

Keep shooting, everyone!  See you Friday.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 2/10: Historic

They say, "Everything has a history." 
Share a little of the history of your town this week.

Post card from Lindenwold Terrace 1915

Ambler, PA Postcard from 1915

Take a moment to answer our camera pole in the side bar.  :)

To keep it simple, 
dSLR's have removable lenses and you view the scene through the lens (view finder).
Point and shoot's have one lens and view the scene on an lcd screen.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Hidden Niches

Happy Easter, everyone.

BUTLER:  Easter was two days ago, Mark.

"But it was Easter when I found some time to put the spotlight together," I reply.  "I set it up to post on Tuesday but it is Easter now...or was understand."

BAGMAN:  "I understand."

BUTLER: "Pre-posting bothers me somehow.  Messing with time is tricky."

BAGMAN:  "It's the thought that counts.  I agree with Happy Easter no matter when you say it."
BUTLER: "That's because you really needed forgiveness for your long list of sins."

BAGMAN: "And you don't?!!"

"Okay, guys...can we get on with the spotlights?"

Scriptor's hidden corner
(Anybody who dusts their niche deserves a spotlight)

Libby's tree cave
(Three cheers for cellphone photos!)
--and thanks for joining us!

Maple Lane's porch niche

Mad Snapper's Artist House
(I want to meet the inhabitant of this place)

Queenmother Mamaw's "Ben's Niche"
(It may not be hidden but it has great nichy spirit)

Dawn Treader's alter niche
(Perfect for a Good Friday Shoot)

 Next week's theme is "Historic"...I'll bet we are all going to learn alot about each other's towns. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 4/6: Hidden Niches

OK, I admit it,
this is a hard one. 
But I am sure this gang is up to the challenge!
Am I Right?

While this is not exactly a niche, 
it is hidden.
You can find this old train tunnel under 
Pennsylvania Ave in Philadelphia, PA.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Double Takes With Rebecca: f stops

OK folks, 
I know I am going to lose some of you on this one. 
I am going to write a four letter word:

I hate math.
But if you can watch this video 
and do NOT worry about the math - 
you'll learn a lot of valuable information about your camera. 

You do not need to understand the math to 
grasp the concept of f stops. 
But understanding f stops is key to improving your photography! 

This is the best tutorial I have ever seen on this topic. 
I never knew how the f numbers were derived before.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Abandoned, Neglected

Fourteen of us posted pictures of abandoned and neglected structures.   So it seems somewhat ironic  that the Spotlight now has to overlook and neglect eight of those posts. 

BAGMAN (Singing loudly):  Laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose - Ev'ry way you look at it, you lose..."

BUTLER (joining in):  "So here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.  Jesus loves you know that you will know.  Wo Wo Wo!"

BAGMAN:  "Wow!  Ann Bancroft was really hot in that movie!"

I suggest quietly that Bagman go and take a cold shower while I start spotlighting the neglected posts that I am not going to neglect.   Not that I'm really neglecting the others.  You know what I mean.

Pauline's footbridge
(cross here and you will get your feet wet)

Queenmother Mamaw's trash shot --
(Not neglect so much as intentional abandonment)
-- heading for the landfill, the mother of all abandonment!

Ann's battle bunkers on Maiori land
The structures were abandoned but the land was reclaimed!

Ginger's abandoned building window
Looks like the land is starting to reclaim itself!

So delicate!

Scriptor's masterpiece
The essence of abandonment

I have to admit that while some of the best pictures came from this theme, I came away with a sense of sadness and loss.  But good photography does that.   It conveys feeling.  I was proud of all of us this week, looking honestly and creatively at a bleaker side of our hometowns.  

But next week we will be exploring the warm coziness of "Hidden Niches" -- not to assume that all hidden niches are warm and cozy.  I can't wait to see what y'all come up with. 

For Bagman's benefit, I will add that Anne Bancroft, whose real name was "Anna Maria Luisa Italiano" was married to Mel Brooks for 40 years until her death in 2005.