Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Call For Photos

Its 'A New Banner' time is here! May is upon us as finicky spring comes in and out of play, causing the weather to prevent me from entering a swimming pool until September when it changes again, lol, but I feel we do not have time to do Mother's Day, or Fathers Day themed Banners all at once-

How about you send me a photo of you and your child in a Spring/Summer setting, or just 'Your' season setting in your town- getting us through until the end of June, and then I will do a July 4th banner, and will wait for your '...bursting in air, while the flag was still there...' photos!

I need them ASAP, please of course... I will have it up by Sunday!

I am heading to Florida/GA to fish with Gordon...hubby, and our couple friends the Turners, so I will post on that this weekend, but will not be in the FSO this week...

GingerV- I cannot email you, it is not going through? All is okay, and that is fine!

Chef E (send photos)

ATTENTION: Thanks to Chef E for taking the time to make us a new header photo. Also please welcome a new member of the Town Blogger Team – Doreen has agreed to help out as needed. ~ GingerV

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday special

Kent was kind of late on the Friday Shoot-out but won't penalize him.... no rules you know.

Just wanted to make sure you all to see his tree photo.....

We had trees from the north
and trees from the south,
trees from the east
and trees from the west
but this is the only tree from rock.

Monday, April 26, 2010

April 30 - Sports and other games in your town - by Barry and Linda

Time to fess up. Before leaving for the States at the first of March, I was pushing to have the next month’s topics posted. I had sent out an SOS asking for more topic suggestions and I received many, (thank you all), including one from ChefE that the topics coincide with holidays and other calendar events. I have done this to a certain extent in prior times but with good intentions spent a day printing calendars from the internet with worldwide happenings listed….. This was somewhat of a mess by the way and here is the result….. a note from Barry saying “hey I didn’t suggest Worker’s Mourning Day” He was right he had giving 5 or 6 suggestion none of the WMD – this is something I had pulled from the calendar and then confused myself, and then confused you all. With Barry’s help I think we are back on track, here is what he has to say,

“I don't think many Canadians are even aware of Worker's Mourning Day because, while its an official day of recognition it is not a holiday. When we get the day off work, we tend to notice. If not, its just another day.

I'd be content with either Places of Entertainment or Sports. In fact, thinking about it, I think Sports would make for more interesting photographs.

Here we have kids playing hockey on the streets, softball leagues at every ball diamond, soccer in most school yards, tennis, basketball and even cricket is making an appearance.

With an epidemic of obesity sweeping the world it would be good to pay tribute to the men women and children who are still getting out there and being active.

I'd love to see what sporting events take place around the world through the lens of our FSO members.”


DSC01104So this coming Friday have fun with sports in your town. GingerV

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Town Friday Shoot-out / Trees

(please note that I have changed the video at the end of this post to add two posts that had been left out.)

Within our group there are so many talented, worthy of note, participants that each and every week it is a major quandary for me to choose just a few spotlight photos. If you are tired of hearing me say this, SORRY but I am not tired of saying it….. it adds to all our pleasure to take in these special posts each week. This week I thought I would start off with something different – THIS is what our topic really meant this week. Thank you Gordon.


A tiny acorn in the wild

Is, somewhat, like a little child.

Small children need our loving care,

But, for an acorn, help is rare.

It takes a planter, kind and wise,

To hear their silent fervent cries.

If we could like the planter be,

And take the time to save a tree,

Or help a child grow strong and tall,

They, both, would surely bless us all.

It takes a planter to invoke

The spirit of a mighty oak.

So, may we always do our part

To teach a child in mind and heart.

As planters, may we live to see

An endless oaken canopy.

Copyright-Gordon Hand

A special tribute to all our trees

Saturday, April 24, 2010

due to an (my) error

this comming week's shoot-out topic has been changed to - sports - more details later.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 23 Topic - Honoring Trees

(spring/Fall) Earth Day 2010 - by gingerv

DSC_2983 Green is in today.  From cleaning supplies to paint supplies everything is being promised as ‘making our world greener’.   This is wonderful, I can find no fault in bringing green into focus but we have always had a world of green right in our own back yards. 



The Freedom Tree, Missouri City Texas, by gingerv

This week lets get back to our TOWNs and show off the beauty of our trees.  Whether it be tropical palm trees or stately old oaks, whether the trees of our town are just beginning to bud, baby green leaves or flowering blooms, whether they are just starting to loose their leaves in preparation for the  coming winter, they define our community, improve our environment,  make our worlds, our towns beautiful. 

Earth Day - April 22, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

FSO – A photo for a smile

“my bags are packed &… Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again…”
(John Denver)

Since I sat down at the computer to write up this post this song, actually not the whole song but just these words, has been going through my head…. apropos for me today don’t you think?   I am ready to go and find myself with several hours to fill so why not post the spotlight photo for this week so you all don’t have to wait on me to get home tomorrow.

Kerry suggested this week’s topic saying, “…Look through photos from your town and pick out JUST ONE that brings a smile to your face.”  As in every prior My Town Friday Shoot-out, this week also had many great shots; some told a story, a few gave us glimpses into the writer’s personal world  or into their personal thoughts, some posts had just one photo and some had many but all were offered with thoughtful consideration to our topic and this makes choosing just a few to spotlight a real challenge. 

Again I received help from Doreen and Kerry in choosing our spotlighted photos.   Of all the ones suggested for consideration this week there are three that I felt reflected community and made us smile -

Dressed to dine  by JarieLynn


Baseball after lunch  by Mark (B&B)


Community wisdom  by Kathy in Ca Worship by Kathy in CA

** if you ever have a favorite you would like to nominate for spotlight just email me with the photo telling me whose it is, or just a description**

Monday, April 12, 2010

Member Voice by Kerry Bliss

Topic choice for April 16 by Kerry Bliss

A Picture that Makes You Smile

The headache of taxes is now over. The seasons are changing. This week should be easy, fun and painless. Look through photos from your town and pick out JUST ONE that brings a smile to your face. Share it with us; tell us about the picture and make us smile too.
DSC_0141 For example this picture, taken by my husband when he was on a field trip with his students, makes me smile. (I know...any picture with a dog in it will do that; really, I'm that easy!) I guess the fact that he noticed this little critter in the doorway--and took the time to shoot the picture--makes it special.

Have fun! I can't wait to see what you share!

Spotlight Country Roads

We arrived back from Dallas late afternoon yesterday and I had looked at all your posts by bedtime.  I tried to remember to leave a note for everyone but woke this morning thinking I hadn’t and the well rested brain is probably right. This week I had help from Kerry and Doreen in making choices of the spotlight photos – thank you ladies.

I am constantly amazed at the diversity of interpretations of our topics and at the photographic styles used to bring them alive.  This photo by Jessica was the unanimous choice of her readers; it gets right to the core of the ‘country road’ theme.  As Gordon said in his comment, “ Hand in hand on a country road is the way to live!”



Doreen’s Country


Jama’s two wheel road

Sarah Paige

Sarah-Paige’s cold Vancouver


Nan U’s Bridge

Scriptor Senex

Scriptor Senex’s Lanes of North Wales

Monday, April 5, 2010

Topic April 9 - Country Roads - by Gordon

Country Roads by John Denver

Whether this is spring or summer in your part of the country it should be a good time for us to drive those country roads in or around our towns. Can’t wait to see your photos. GingerV

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bokeh – Spotlighting blur

These spotlight photos were chosen with the help of Heather and Doreen. This week I had so many favorite shots that thank goodness Doreen and Heather were willing to help me figure out which ones to post…..

For me and I think for all of you, this week’s shoot-out was fun, a learning experience for many, and very interesting going to each post to see what was done and learning even more.

This week I am spotlighting a special photo. By general consensus in the comments and through special notes to my email, Mark’s Gosling is this week’s favorite photo. I titled it ‘do I really have to?’

What made this my favorite of the Spotlight photos was the story that it evoked in my mind. I bet that you would also be able to come up with a story or a poem or even just a word that this image inspires. Good job Mark.

Do I really have to by B&B edge

Also chosen from our 27 participating posts – This week making choices was really a problem. On some of the post there were five photos and all five were wonderful – this happened more than once. My hafting to choose just one from so many great photos and then how is it possible to boil the spotlights down to five or six photos – I had at least one favorite on each site and ended up choosing based on variety - so I hope you like these also.

A moment of Whimsy by ChefE

A moment of Whimsy by ChefE

1st prize by Shabby Girl

1st prize by Shabby Girl


Into the Light by JarieLyn

Manang Kim

Clarity by Manang Kim


The king of Spring by Clare st John